progress, progress!

Yikes! It’s almost mid-Feb! Don’t you just think how fast time flies nowadays? On the other hand though, the 2 weeks spent waiting for my visa seems like eternity for me and Hubbie. It seems that eight Japan visas (with two under COE), a Schengen visa and other countries’ stamps on my passports are not enough for the powers that be to grant me my visa right away. Some scrutinity still needs to be done. Please, powers that be, a husband and his wife has just got to be together….

Anyways, it’s roughly 11 weeks till our wedding! And I do believe we’re making some good progress.

  • our invites are currently with the printers. Per Erika’s advice, we’d probably have it by Tuesday next week, the latest. Hope we can have it earlier though since we’re still to DIY some parts.
  • booked our emcee at last! after a loooong search, we’ll be having Issa Litton (yes, the one with the Star Wars wedding theme and pulled it off successfully at that). There’s a catch though. There’s some possibility she’ll be overseas for a new show she’s doing at the time of our wedding. So let’s cross our fingers, shall we?
  • booked Jamsy for our lights and sounds, yey! I looked up W@W reviews on Jamsy and they have good reviews (no bad reviews whatsoever) albeit reviews were dated more than a year ago or older. But I’m satisfied with their quotation (asked for bubble and fog machine to be freebies and they obliged, yey! —yes, there’ll be bubbles and fog on the wedding hehe. Yes, even hubbie was surprised. Oh I’m loving this) and our coordinator recommends them so I’m at peace. 🙂
  • sent our spec sheet to K by Cunanan through Macy for detailing. Now waiting for her feedback
  • booked Yellow Coco for my family to stay in during their visit here
  • booked 7 rooms in Sonya’s Garden for Hubbie’s family and other Japanese guests. I wanted 8 Suites but they’re more than 10k pricier than Sonya’s!! To think Sonya’s is already pricey. I am yet to pay Sonya’s though for the booking
  • settled the Church flowers. Will make a detailed post about that soon
  • booked Mang Rey Casedo for the entourage barong. He gave me a pinya fan as freebie 🙂

Next in line are the designs for our wedding favors and the misalette. And oh yeah the list of songs for MPO. And the guest list. Let’s get down to work, shall we?


I just can’t contain my happiness. Neither can Hubbie. The process of us being together involves a lot of waiting. We wait to see each other on our trips. We wait for documents. And the waiting for the documents can make you crazy I tell you (although the waiting for the day of our trip is torture as it is as well). We have one more document yet to apply for and wait. That would be sort of like the final lump in the throat before we can plan full force for the few months ahead.

But for now, let’s enjoy this one shall we? =D

(document deleted)

It was released by the Japan Foreign Affairs (Nyukoku kanri kyoku) last Wednesday (exactly 6 weeks after application but roughly around 4 weeks discounting holidays), arrived by mail last Thursday. But since it’s a registered mail, Hubbie has to personally receive it. Hence we were only able to see it just now.

It’s indeed a good blessing to receive our COE at the same date as our 4th month as husband and wife. Thank you Lord!!! ^_^


Hubbie’s story: It was almost 12 o’clock and he was on his way out our room to check on our mailbox. The mailman was supposed to deliver the mail at 9~12. But on his way out, he met the postman haha. In his surprise he exclaimed “that’s mine!”. haha, cute.

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