And today marks Yui’s first week! 🙂 She’s fast having a double chin already. I hope we could go home already so she won’t have to be fed with formula milk.
It’s amazing to note that comparing with the other babies during our hospital stint so far, Yui by far is the heaviest and longest at birth. No wonder doctors said my baby is big. It’s in comparison to Japanese babies wherein the average, as far as I’ve seen in the nursery, is 2.8kg (Yui was at 3.37kg).

Another milestone. My stitches, or more like staples, were removed this morning. Yay! I was kinda panicky about it since last night actually; apprehensive it would be painful. But when the doctor went about it, pulling your underarm hair with a puller is more painful than the removal of the stapler wires; removal was done in just a couple of minutes or so.

Ahhh. I can’t wait to be back home with Yui and Hubs!!!

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