Ever thought of wanting your camera to instantly share your pictures on the web? And I don’t mean through your phone camera/iPhone/iPad. I mean with your digital cameras or probably your SLRs. Like this point and shoot Canon G12.


Segue. Oh yes, finally we have a decent camera. Yey! I originally wanted the pretty white Olympus PEN E-P3 but Hubs and I are really not photography enthusiasts and it’d take us more time to take full advantage of this camera’s feature. And both Hubs and I really don’t want to bring a heavy camera with us as we travel. Hence, I followed the advice of my photography enthusiast friend, Russell, and bought a compact point and shoot with excellent quality – Canon G-12.

I love it’s case! Although it would have been perfect had it been white (I just have this penchant on having white for any techie related stuff).


Ok I digressed enough. Back to eye-fi.
Yep, with the Eye-fi SD card, you can have the convenience to upload your photo from your camera to your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, android) and post it immediately in Facebook, Picasa, Kodakgallery, Evernote, und so weiter. Sans the cables. Sans removing your SD from your camera.



Perfect when you’re on the go. Swell isn’t it? 🙂

Of course, we had to try a photo to post here. Photo got synched with our computer a second after the shot was taken. Hubs also synched it with the Dropbox cloud hence all photos will be automatically saved and organized even when you’re still busy clicking away.

There’s also an iPhone/iPad app wherein you can automatically synched your photo even sans wifi router or wife hotspot. But so far I’m not successful with it yet. Tomorrow I’ll figure it out.

Oh yeah, here you go. Uploaded! A second after.


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