what’s your perfume?

Ever since the onset of my “morning sickness” I became to dislike the perfume I used during our wedding (hubs used the equivalent perfume for men). I feel that the smell is too musky.


Thankfully, I still like Tommy Girl that I always use in going to the office.


I also use a L’Occitane perfume which I keep in the office. For those times when we’ve had lunch in a place where the smell is so overpowering you’d surely bring it back to your desk.

I have a new love though. Attimo L’Eau Florale. It’s so floral and so feminine and so spring-y it’s just perfect for the season.


I hope though my altering smell preference wouldn’t have me disliking these perfumes again come few weeks from now. 😀

Burberry Sport

Atsushi and I are nowhere near sporty. But we want a “couple” perfume and so, among the number of selections we had, we finally selected Burberry Sport. Funny in that even when we’re not sport buffs, Hubby and I both love our Burberry Sport individual scents as well as each other’s scents. Love its black (man) and white (woman) packaging as well. Just perfect.

If there was one thing I envied Hubby with during the wedding preps, it was that he had a much better location for his preps. Ergo, better shots background and better lighting. Look, his perfume even had a better pictorial than my perfume! haha. I am so glad though, that my intentions of having a beautiful wedding as a gift to hubby has pushed through. 🙂

Raw photo courtesy of Dino Lara.

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