One thing we are really thankful for today. Hubby could have had gone to his department’s bounenkai. But by happenstance he couldn’t. And so by happenstance, he was available to attend another party. For that particular gathering, we are truly thankful. Everything really happens for a reason.

By happenstance also, hubs saw this One Piece lip balm in Family Mart this morning. So cute!!! And even at only 500yen, the detail is very good.



the Thursday and Friday that was

We had our bounenkai till late last night; this time, it’s our project team’s year end party cum farewell party to those who are going back to Philippines after their Yokohama assignment and for a colleague who is resigning to go back to her hometown in Okinawa. With Hubs’ permission, I also went to the second party. It’s a Japanese tradition to have second parties, and sometimes 3rd and 4th parties(!) after the main party. Hence, I wasn’t able to blog, even the shortest bit. I’m trying to make up through this short blogpost; after all, there’s lots to be thankful for.

Thursday. Thankful for the gift of voice that was given to me. And I do hope I continue to make people happy and relaxed simply by singing. If truth be told, I tremendously miss singing! And yes, one other great thing. It warms me every time our officemates and also Hubs’ peers and elders tell me how Atsushi is such a kind person. Of course I know this for a fact. But it still gives me much warmth when somebody reiterates it. 😀

Friday. It has been a terribly busy week (and an emotional one at that!), with new deliverables suddenly popping up and with tight deadlines to boot. And of course since our bounenkai was almost like a required attendance, I have to do as much as I can within 8 hours. This week’s main deliverables, the Safety Narrative and Flare Report (with Cold Depressuring yet to be done) almost seemed like an impossible feat (and I had to add a new PSV at that, this late in the project phase!). Back when it was still Monday, I looked at my to-do list and the objective part of me told me it sure is impossible to meet. But I have no other choice but to work hard and finish it, and hope. And hope. The hoping bore fruit though. My boss was very surprised. I smiled, because he doesn’t know I have a bigger BOSS up there who helped me along the way. 🙂

Gotta hit the sack! Tomorrow’s gonna be hectic! Hope we’ll see more of the sun tomorrow.

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