satchels for kids!

The first time I saw a satchel way back, my reaction was “UGH! Now THAT-is-one-bag-that’s-definitely-not-for-me”. I find it to be too rigid, too square for my taste.

Very recently however, I find myself liking the design – most probably because it matches so well with office fashion. Well actually, it would also be great with your jeans and high heels.

This one however sealed the deal. That ok, this time, I really am into satchels already. Albeit Yui may not be ready to use one for many years yet teehee.


So cute right?! Got above photo from Check this babyology post out for more satchel cuteness.

Yui’s first passport photo experience

A Babyology post shared about their experience in taking a baby’s passport photo and advised about blocking out the whole afternoon to make sure you get a decent baby passport photo. Having the need to have Yui’s passport photo taken, I readied myself for this.

I also readied myself just in case Yui sports this kind of look as well – which got really quite popular since late last week, gathering millions of views and hundreds of comments in just a few days.


I needn’t worry really. Moirraine nailed it in just less than a minute! Good job honey!


The photo fee is a bit expensive than usual though. Usually, you can have 6 copies for only 600yen. Yui’s was 1050yen for only two copies. Nevertheless, we’re happy for the ease with which we had the photo taken. 🙂

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