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Towels, gauzes, drawstring bags for Yui’s shoes and pajama set. And other stuff besides. I’ll be putting Yui’s name on these before handing it over to Yui’s nurse sensei.

It’s almost unbelievable that it’s actually already almost three decades when my own mother also put my name on my stuff for my first day in kindergarten. I remember being very proud seeing my name on my place mat and sleeping mat; could still remember the proud sense of ownership seeing my name on my stuff and that my classmates could see it too.

And now it’s my baby girl’s turn. She’s still very young though to feel the excitement for herself. But soon baby, you’ll get to understand and get excited too. For now, Mommy will try to document as much as she can.

baby diaries: sensitive

Usually bedtime is snuggle up time with you Yui. But this evening, right after bath, you already mellowed down. And after burping your last milk intake for the night, you readily went to sleep without Mommy having had the need to sing lullabies. Even while we were still having dinner and you waited for us in your high chair, you seem to notice Mom and Dad are busy. We had to prepare for Dad’s business trip, see.

Thank you Yui Moirraine for being sensitive. Mom and Dad are so thankful.

baby diaries: laughter

Oh how you love to laugh Moirraine. It seems like you wouldn’t let a day go by without laughing. And you surely initiate the laughter when you feel like having your daily laugh already.

Mom remembers that first time we went to Tokyo with Tita Me-an. You’re used to the attention you get with all our train seatmates. But our seatmate in that particular train ride looked so sad and wasn’t giving you any attention at all. So you know what you did? You almost jumped out of my arms and leaned towards the woman, giving her one of your brightest, biggest, cutest smile. The woman almost jumped out of her skin with your gesture, so surprised to receive such a sunny smile even without prompting you to. And of course Mom and Tita Me-an couldn’t help but laugh a loud laugh with what you did.

But what prompted this baby diary now? Because for today, you waited till bedtime to have your laughing time. Thing is, you were already in the brink of sleep. You were like this baby girl who wanted to play with her mom/dad but was too sleepy. But more so because you were laughing. Too bad Mom already dimmed the lights (and Mom’s phone was charging) so I couldn’t catch it on video. You would open your eyes a slit and give Mommy and Daddy a smile and when you close your eyes, you would laugh, laughter that had you shaking your belly. And these you did again and again.

Mom and Dad are happy baby because you’re happy. Keep the laughter with you baby as you grow.

baby diaries: independent, a little more each day

Aside from singing to you, Mom’s other favourite, Baby, when putting you to sleep is that you hold Mom’s fingers tight with your chubby little fists – be it when you sleep in my arms or on your crib by Mom’s bedside.

Mom noticed something from the other day though. When I hold you in my arms for you to sleep, your hand looks for a blanket or cloth to hold on to. And when you go to sleep lying in your crib, you just simply touch Mommy’s hand, preferring to put your small hand on top of mine rather than holding a finger.

Mommy was making a mental note to include in the daycare questionnaire how you prefer to hold Mommy’s hand while sleeping, so that your nurse can do it for you while Mom is away. It seems there’s no need for me to inform now.

My heart twitches, a bit heartbroken you’re starting to be independent. But Mom and Dad are proud too how our little Moirraine is growing a little more independent each day.

Love you baby. Grow well.

baby diaries: eng-ge

Been observing for quite some time now baby and Mommy thinks she nailed already what seems to be your first baby word: eng-ge, which seems to be your language for when you feel hot/warm.

Eng-ge, eng-ge. 😀

baby diaries: nostalgia

Was washing a couple of days ago the small bottle you used when you were less than two months. Will be using it for your water after meals (of course with new nipple and cap). I’m amazed how small it was. And with it came the nostalgia. So many things have happened since then; how much you’ve grown since then albeit it’s been only six months!

Would probably feel the nostalgia from from now on, every now and then. But Mommy hopes that as you grow up, you’d share the nostalgia with me, with Mommy and Daddy. That we’d both happily look back the yesteryears, over wine, over a cup of tea or coffee or even simply on our couch in our future (hopefully) sunroom.

I pray you’d grow close to your parents, Yui; have a great bond with your Mom and Dad. And that there’ll never be angry words between us. Only love, respect, kindness and joy.

Grow well our beauty.

baby diaries: Happy half birthday baby

Six months flew by so fast, anak. Seemed like it was only yesterday when I kissed your red lips for the first time in the operating room, right after the doctors took you out of Mommy’s tummy. Well, Mom would probably say that “seemed like only yesterday” a number of times from now.

But really, you grow so fast. Your Dad and I marvelled the week your hair finally grew back when the week before that you were still bald. You grow up so fast and of course your Mom and Dad are happy and relieved.

Today, we had your half birthday photoshoot. Dad and Mom are so proud and happy to see you laughing a lot with the photo shop crew. Just three months ago, it was to only me and your Dad that you laughed with. Your horizons are expanding.

And soon, it’ll expand even more. Soon, you’ll be going to daycare. Someone else other than Mom and Dad would be taking care of you. It gives my heart a twinge baby, a little sad even, knowing you’d probably establish a bond with your new caregiver, knowing she’ll witness some of your firsts. But your going to daycare is for your own good as well as for Mom’s own good.

You’ll get to learn early on about your Japanese heritage that has a culture so rich and varied which Mom wishes you will uphold and continue for your children and children’s children. If you would be with Mom at home, you would be missing a lot. That and more other reasons besides. Expand your horizons baby.

Mommy needs to take some time for herself too. And pursue her dreams while taking care of you and Daddy. So that Mom can be a better Mom. There’s this line in MomME Circle, a website celebrating purposeful moms, that sums up why Mom has to go back to work and what Mom yearns to teach you.

She works towards living a brilliant, thriving life because she wants to set a good example for her kids. She knows they are watching and this is what she wants them to learn: to believe in themselves, to know that dreams can come true, and to live purposeful, inspiring lives.

Your Dad is making a lot of effort as well, by the day, in becoming a better dad. Earlier at the Church, Dad, who was then carrying you was swaying and making some small dance steps so that you’d continue in your slumber. Yes there were lots of people around and behind him yet Dad didn’t mind them. This from your Dad who’s shy.

Mom and Dad are not perfect honey. Imperfect though we are, we love you so much and would do our best to give you everything that’s best for you.

Grow well Yui. And may you grow up with a kind heart and a confident spirit. That and many other well wishes besides.

Mom and Dad

Happy half Birthday!


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