Yoi otoshi wo

Today was officially my last working day for the year. Hurray! Thankful for the work in general. And thankful for a very productive day at work. There were a number of design issues that surfaced within the day but thankfully they were resolved within the day as well. Happy as a bee.

Currently writing this on board a bus albeit I was only able to blog this during an interchange stop as I usually get nauseous when using a mobile device or reading on board a running vehicle. We’re now probably halfway towards our destination. Excited. 🙂

“yoi otoshi wo” by the way is the expression that the Japanese say at the end of the year to greet each other a happy new year. A different expression is used when greeting each other once you’ve crossed the new year, but I’ll blog about that next time. Was giggling as I greeted my office mates earlier with this expression as it was my first time to say it.

Yoi otoshi wo! 🙂

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