autumn sunset

Being able to see this beauty every working day, when the weather is fine, is absolutely one great blessing to be thankful for.

I’m afraid my phone camera didn’t give the place justice though.

I actually turn speechless when I get up from my seat and look up and see everything bathed in gold and surrounded by the blue sea. Absolutely beautiful.



Shake Duo

Hubs requested that we drop by Book Express for his book shopping fix on our way home from office. It was a good thing this duo was doing a performance in the open space in front of JR Sakuragicho Station. They were pretty good! Hence I had a good time as I waited for hubs. I noticed though that most of us who were watching were women.

(sorry for the shaky cover on the first minute. I dropped my PET bottle and had to retrieve it haha 🙂 )

They were giving away flyers for their upcoming concerts; their first album is selling at ¥2500 yen.



In fairness the vocalist’s voice was good and blending with the backup was good as well. Beatbox man was pretty good too! No wonder many were hanging around to watch them instead of the usual handful of watchers for other singers on other days.

Hope to hear more from you guys.

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