3 months exactly

Our wedding is gonna be hopefully exactly three months from now!  🙂

I’m really all hoity-toity and giddy today because our invites has already been finalized by Lene! Why giddy? Because it’s soooo pretty!! And creative. And out of the box. I just love Lene Dee-Dragon! And we’ve attained what we’ve been aiming for – your not so usual travel-themed invite. Will share it here on our wedsite once we’ve had our invites delivered to our invitees.

So thankful for Lene who’s designing our invites free of charge, to Rey and Dee sisterhood for giving us a warm stay at their place and for MOH Kat who stayed with me in the Dee household to support and keep me company.

For now, I need to update the invitees list to finalize the total number of guests so as to estimate total number of invitations we need (plus allowance) to make as well as the number of reserved seat for each guest (no allowance) that we will put on the RSVP card.

Yet another ASAP item as well is that I need to update our “Tagaytay Hotels and Sites” page since, well, I made a reference to it on our invites.

We are also currently starting discussions for detailing on Reception styling. And you know what? I just love Detalye. 🙂

anything rustic

Rustic is just so romantic. Hope we can have these arrangements without the extra cost if possible.

Although not rustic, this one by Zenas Pineda is just so nice.

Message wall

With a large venue as ours with only a limited number of guests, a message wall that could take up some space and at the same time spice up and prettify some more our venue would be good.

As MOH Kat pointed out, this is reminiscent of the Tanabata, a Japanese summer festival where people hang their wishes on a bamboo. Why not indeed?

This one is just so cute!! Message cards are secured with wooden clips on a glass bead curtain.

A flowerwall in our colors would be really really pretty. It would be kinda expensive though, I think.


Mood board yet again. Have to finish collating idea-inspirations for the reception.

our colors

Who wouldn’t go kilig with these? ^_^

Pictures from Pat Pastilero of Spruce Floral Designs

Getting Married Bridal Fair – K by C and MPO

Attended my first ever bridal fair. The bridal fairs last year coincided with my trips abroad hence now is just my first time. It was quite exciting. And productive.

Booked! K by Cunanan. Will probably opt for the box of wine freebie – as long as the wine they’re giving out is Asti. Otherwise, we might consider the additional desserts.

I just loved (!) their display set. Love the queen anne’s lace arrangement!! The books are yet another centerpiece idea. Hubbie and I are bookies (although I’m nowhere near half a bookie as Hubbie is) so this set-up is totally appealing to us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Booked! Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Quartet. Hubbie and I love music hence having good music is a must for us. I only booked the male singer though. Their female singer (sampler) belted out Lea’s “Two Words”. Sure she would be great during the reception wherein the place is quite huge. But not in Caleruega. Previously, Hubbie and I didn’t like Bernie’s female singer as well. Although MPO’s singer is better than Bernie’s I think, still, it was a bit too strong. I want it to be sang as softly as Lea sang it. Or the way I sang it… hehehe joke. Anyways, we’re still on a search for the best female singer.And oh by the way, we got a discount of 1000php owing to booking them during the fair.

Wishlist: Hacienda Isabella

Hacienda Isabella is one really beautiful place. It’s one place that would be perfect for photoshoots and dreamy honeymoons (considering the bedrooms! hehe). I fell in love with the place more and more as I come across pictures of it every now and then in my research for wedding details. Hubbie shares my feelings and views on the place as well. Beautiful.

Yet, we had to forego the place. We were almost about to make a go for the place until we’ve decided to set aside a weekend day to check out the place and see it for ourselves. And as we drove on and on, my heart got sadder because even when we haven’t seen the place yet, I know that we have to forego it simply because of its distance from Caleruega. To top it off, our wedding is in the evening hence the long and winding and tricky road to Hacienda Isabella might leave a lasting (and negative) impression on our guests. We presume the guests are real hungry already by the time they’re on their way to the ceremony.

Of course, foremost to us is the comfort of our guests.

But without a doubt. Hacienda Isabella is a beautiful place for a wedding. Perhaps, if your wedding is early in the morning, then, perchance, the Hacienda can be a perfect location for your reception.

Do check out below some of our photos. Courtesy of my friend Rezza Flauta-Chua. Our thanks to Rezza and her hubbie JJ and their really smart niece Maki for setting aside time to accompany me to Hacienda Isabella despite their busy schedule.

After visiting Hacienda Isabella, we drove to Ville Sommet as well just to check out the place again. This time, I felt the “this is it” moment with Ville Sommet. This time, i’m settled. Albeit at the back of mind is the thought that the place sure is really expensive (considering the minimum amount 900 php per head they require for the catering).

Oh yeah. I asked uber smart 5-yr old Maki to help me in judging whether to select Hacienda Isabella or Ville Sommet. After we did our rounds, Maki confidently selected Ville Sommet. That made me smile. Sometimes, kids’ judgment has to be trusted. ^_^

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Another thing I have to let go with Hacienda Isabella is that a lot of my favorite Dino Lara pictures were taken from this place.

Hacienda Isabella are renting out rooms though for honeymooners and out-of-towners so you just might want to consider the place for your stay.

One happy note: Yey, I was finally able to know how to make a slideshow in wordpress. I really love wordpress!!!

wifey’s note: all posts with “wishlist” are not what we hope to receive on our wedding. Rather, they are stuff that we would love to have but we’ve found we cannot have for our wedding anymore owing primarily to practicality.

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