Yoi otoshi wo

Today was officially my last working day for the year. Hurray! Thankful for the work in general. And thankful for a very productive day at work. There were a number of design issues that surfaced within the day but thankfully they were resolved within the day as well. Happy as a bee.

Currently writing this on board a bus albeit I was only able to blog this during an interchange stop as I usually get nauseous when using a mobile device or reading on board a running vehicle. We’re now probably halfway towards our destination. Excited. 🙂

“yoi otoshi wo” by the way is the expression that the Japanese say at the end of the year to greet each other a happy new year. A different expression is used when greeting each other once you’ve crossed the new year, but I’ll blog about that next time. Was giggling as I greeted my office mates earlier with this expression as it was my first time to say it.

Yoi otoshi wo! 🙂

getting ready for the new year

It always comes as a surprise that the day right after Christmas, all those elaborate decorations in the malls disappear overnight; making you almost feel like Christmas had been only a dream. In place of the Christmas trees and decors though, these are slowly put on display, like mushrooms that has popped up overnight. And yes, it is for the New Year Japanese festivities.


Spent a number of new years here in Japan (all spent on shopping because January 1 sale gives you one of the best bargains throughout the year). But this’ll be my first time to really immerse myself with the Japanese festivities. And you bet I’m excited! 🙂

Two things we’re thankful for. We finally placed an order for the Laura Ashley curtains which will be sewn and delivered in four weeks. Yey! Was also able to send a box for my family. I know it’s late for christmas but the box was bigger than I’ve anticipated hence it took me quite a while to fill it up.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a mad dash in the office to issue outputs that needs to be issued before the holidays. Good luck to me! 😀

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