Diaper talk: Combi’s Sangenic and garbage collection

Garbage segregation is strictly implemented here in Japan. Every household has a copy of the daily garbage pickup schedule – what type of garbage gets picked up at certain days and at what time. And if you’re a delinquent and your combustible garbage is with PET bottles, trust that the garbage dudes definitely won’t pick it up.

The schedule differs with every area. in ours, burnables/decomposing garbage and plastic wrappers/cellophane/styro and similar stuff gets collected twice a week at Mondays and Fridays (albeit burnables should be in a different garbage bag as the plastics). PET bottles are on Tuesdays, big boxes and old magazines/books (should be neatly tied and bundled together) every second Saturday of the month, und so weiter. And oh, it’s required that you use see-through garbage bags, well, sometimes, it’s out of courtesy as well.

During winter, spring and fall, the decomposing garbage getting holed up inside your house is just fine. The cold ambient arrests the bacteria that would otherwise cause foul odour. It’s a different matter though during summer when it’s hot and decomposing garbage could fester fast. Thankfully, we don’t cook much nowadays, especially during the workweek so it’s not torture at all.

However, I can just imagine how used baby diapers would reek after four days of being held up in the garbage can. Or rather, I really don’t want to imagine at all.

Hence, I am convinced that this special diaper trash can made by Combi is really a boon for parents in properly disposing their baby’s poop.




The “contraption” is actually a bit complicated when we tried to check it out – Mayumi and Hubs had quite a good laugh about it as we explored how it is used. But basically, it uses a disk of partitioned cellophane. When you throw away the used diaper inside, the opened partitioned cellophane will “candy-wrap” the diaper as it goes to the bottom, leaving a newly opened cellophane gaping wide open to receive yet another used diaper.

Supposedly, the “candy wrapping” and good trash can seal can eliminate the odour seeping out of the trash can. Hopefully. Let’s see how it is in a few months’ time or should I say, next summer.

baby-safe home

After almost a month of hiatus, Hubs and I went about mall hopping again looking for baby stuff (and of course shopping for ourselves, on the side ^_^), with Babies R Us as our main objective this time.

We realised that the benefits of window shopping (onsite and online) is that as we get to see more options, what we want gets pretty more defined.

Earlier today, I was telling Hubs that when hopefully Baby already started walking, we should find a way to lock the cabinets in the kitchen, especially the ones under the sink, where the knives are – I do shiver at the thought.

When we looked around Babies R Us earlier, we found really cute options that could help us keep our home safer for Baby.

Cute electric plug socket covers.



And THIS is what we need to lock our cabinets.


I have a feeling Baby will have a lot of Miffy stuff; there’s so many cute baby stuff with Miffy. πŸ™‚

This one’s to lock the fridge.


Even as an adult, I still get my finger pinched between the door and its frame by accident. Knowing how painful it is, this one makes it a must to protect baby from getting pinched.


This on the other HAND, is for unsafe corners.


Who says fashion and function can’t go together? I’ve always been a proponent of fashion and function’s togetherness. Because really, they can.

bedroom ala Laura Ashley

Took a couple of snaps of bedroom arrangements that I liked when we visited the Laura Ashley shop in Motomachi for our curtains.

I like the bedroom that looks cozy and comfy and charming. I definitely prefer it over the modern look.



I prefer a bigger bed though.
This wallpaper is just is just lovely. Note to self, hopefully someday. πŸ˜€


getting ready for the new year

It always comes as a surprise that the day right after Christmas, all those elaborate decorations in the malls disappear overnight; making you almost feel like Christmas had been only a dream. In place of the Christmas trees and decors though, these are slowly put on display, like mushrooms that has popped up overnight. And yes, it is for the New Year Japanese festivities.


Spent a number of new years here in Japan (all spent on shopping because January 1 sale gives you one of the best bargains throughout the year). But this’ll be my first time to really immerse myself with the Japanese festivities. And you bet I’m excited! πŸ™‚

Two things we’re thankful for. We finally placed an order for the Laura Ashley curtains which will be sewn and delivered in four weeks. Yey! Was also able to send a box for my family. I know it’s late for christmas but the box was bigger than I’ve anticipated hence it took me quite a while to fill it up.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a mad dash in the office to issue outputs that needs to be issued before the holidays. Good luck to me! πŸ˜€

Panasonic Nanoe humidifier heater

Winter is my favorite season. Don’t ask me why as I myself can’t really point a finger as to the exact reason. I can allude some reasons but I know they’d be not quite the full reason. Nevertheless, suffice it to say that it is a happy season for me which would probably quite sum up why I love winter.

The season is against my body makeup though. This season is just so dry you had to apply rich lotion every now and then or else your skin will be very dry and would crack. Moreover, around early february, nature would start gearing itself for spring, sending wind to carry pollens. Pollens being minute particles, along with dust, my nose would surely suffer from it.

Thankfully, the Japanese has found ways to alleviate the suffering of people like me and that thankfully, hubs is totally concerned with my predicament. Hence, hubs decided to buy us this portable heater (on top of the built in heaters at home) cum humidifier cum air freshener.



It comes with a jug of course to fill water in to help humidify the room. Thus addressing the problem of a very dry ambient.


This model is the nanoe model which keeps allergens from sticking into fabrics. What is nanoe exactly? According to THIS WEBSITE,

Nanoe are water wrapped long-life particles that can penetrate into fabric thoroughly and reach to every corner of the room to effectively inhibit allergens and odour in the air.

The Characteristics of [Nanoe]

Plentiful of Moisture – [nanoe] contain moisture more than 1,000 times to minus ion. Being wrapped in water molecules, it is long-life and able to retain its effectiveness even moving for long distance.
Microscopic Scale – [nanoe] are extremely small in volume size that can deeply penetrate into fabrics to restrain dirt.

So there, hopefully this does help with my allergies. It definitely helps with the cold. As for better-smelling ambient, hubs walked into the dining room (where we’ve currently placed our new gadget), and animatedly exclaimed that the room smelled much better. And now, even after only one hour and even with sitting in the same place, It does smell better. πŸ™‚ thanks hubby!

center table

My kind of dream center table. But it’s sold at Β₯118,000 (bigger one) and Β₯88,000 (smaller one). Ouch.


Margaret and poinsettia

One of our bosses in our current project invited some of us for dinner at his home last weekend. Since Hubs was busy with work, he had to decline and I had to go alone. The party was a blast; we thoroughly enjoyed the night. When I got back to the house at around midnight though, I saw Hubby had a very enjoyable evening as well. He had a very enjoyable time re-potting our plants that has outgrown their original pots.



And he bought a Margaret (the one with white flowers on the right) simply because the name Marjorie was derived from the name Margaret. Sweet. πŸ™‚


He also bought this happy,Christmassy-looking poinsettia.


The other night, he trimmed big buddy (the first photo) and got a few loose leaves. He tied them with our leftover twines from the wedding and immersed them on water on our Marlowe glass. I just LOVE the arrangement! It looked like a flower to me.



Hubby is definitely the artist AND the green-thumb in our household. πŸ™‚

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