on Japanese honesty: Family Mart and my 500yen

Two weeks ago, we dropped by the Family Mart nearest our place to get something printed (yes, we still haven’t bought our own printer!). Thankfully there was English instruction on the printing machine so I was able to follow through the instructions. Thing is, it was designed that you drop your coin first before proceeding which is unlike other printing machines in malls and techie stores. So it was only after I dropped my 500yen that I learned that the machine can’t print PDF files, only jpeg files. Disappointed, I cancelled my request and with a frown went out the store, my mind working on re-planning our itinerary for the day with my parents as it was heavily dependent on that document to be printed.

Because my mind was preoccupied, I totally forgot about my 500yen coin, still in the printing machine coin slot. When I remembered about my coin an hour after, it was with a pang – it’s gone for good for sure.

I hadn’t thought about it thereafter and only remembered it when my sis in law and I (and yui) again dropped by the convenience store last Tuesday. With a smile, I suggested to Mayumi to ask the staff if they’ve noticed some coin that was left on the printing machine a couple of weeks ago.

The staff had an eager yes for confirmation and without hesitation gave us our 500yen. Wow.

baby diaries: laughter

Oh how you love to laugh Moirraine. It seems like you wouldn’t let a day go by without laughing. And you surely initiate the laughter when you feel like having your daily laugh already.

Mom remembers that first time we went to Tokyo with Tita Me-an. You’re used to the attention you get with all our train seatmates. But our seatmate in that particular train ride looked so sad and wasn’t giving you any attention at all. So you know what you did? You almost jumped out of my arms and leaned towards the woman, giving her one of your brightest, biggest, cutest smile. The woman almost jumped out of her skin with your gesture, so surprised to receive such a sunny smile even without prompting you to. And of course Mom and Tita Me-an couldn’t help but laugh a loud laugh with what you did.

But what prompted this baby diary now? Because for today, you waited till bedtime to have your laughing time. Thing is, you were already in the brink of sleep. You were like this baby girl who wanted to play with her mom/dad but was too sleepy. But more so because you were laughing. Too bad Mom already dimmed the lights (and Mom’s phone was charging) so I couldn’t catch it on video. You would open your eyes a slit and give Mommy and Daddy a smile and when you close your eyes, you would laugh, laughter that had you shaking your belly. And these you did again and again.

Mom and Dad are happy baby because you’re happy. Keep the laughter with you baby as you grow.

a bookworm? an author?

We had our first orientation in the daycare last Sunday. Because the instructions/discussion/materials were in Japanese and because Yui started to babble loudly, I went out the room so as not to disturb the other parents and hence joined the other babies with the teachers playing outside.

While chatting with a teacher, we let Yui play with a Lego piece and a ball. But Yui soon ditched these over a book. At home, Yui actually has more books than toys so I can understand how she’d be interested with the musical book she found.

What was more interesting however was how Yui portrayed her love for the book. I had her sitting on my lap while the teacher was holding the book for Yui to flip the pages on. Yui however was about to tear the page so I gently removed her hand from the page while her sensei lifted the book higher. Just right after I’ve let go of Yui’s hand however, she lifted her butt from my lap to stand and reach for the book. With no support whatsoever to help her stand. First time!

Happy Mom, proud Mom that Yui was able to stand on her own. I wonder when will she consistently do it. And I think I just might have a daughter who’s just as addicted with books as her Dad.

baby diaries: independent, a little more each day

Aside from singing to you, Mom’s other favourite, Baby, when putting you to sleep is that you hold Mom’s fingers tight with your chubby little fists – be it when you sleep in my arms or on your crib by Mom’s bedside.

Mom noticed something from the other day though. When I hold you in my arms for you to sleep, your hand looks for a blanket or cloth to hold on to. And when you go to sleep lying in your crib, you just simply touch Mommy’s hand, preferring to put your small hand on top of mine rather than holding a finger.

Mommy was making a mental note to include in the daycare questionnaire how you prefer to hold Mommy’s hand while sleeping, so that your nurse can do it for you while Mom is away. It seems there’s no need for me to inform now.

My heart twitches, a bit heartbroken you’re starting to be independent. But Mom and Dad are proud too how our little Moirraine is growing a little more independent each day.

Love you baby. Grow well.


Danzakura. This lane would have been a very lovely walk during sakura season. We were two weeks late!


Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine from the edge of Danzakura.


shopping at Takashimaya babies section

Or make that window shopping actually. With most of the shops selling dresses and clothes at average of 10,000yen, with some even selling at 30,000yen (brands that I haven’t even heard of – not that I’m particularly aware of all the high end brands), visiting Takashimaya babies section is almost only like sightseeing. For clothes that can only be worn for six months at the most, we don’t think we would buy Yui clothes that costs as much as a Coach bag (in the outlet store).

One thing I do love in that mall is that they have one of the best baby lounges I’ve seen so far.

Very cute and clean diaper changing area.


Being the OC that I am, I always wipe the table on which I put Yui on for her diaper change. Yes, some moms look at me but I most definitely am not bothered with it. Seeing this protective sheet being provided made me smile really wide. Takashimaya share my OC-ness!

Now if only their price is a little bit more to my liking…

One thing I love even more is that unlike in other malls wherein their diaper dispensers has a lid that you have to open, Takashimaya’s is automatic – you just feed in the soiled diaper and the machine would automatically chew it in, wrapping the diaper in plastic.


Of course there’s the standard sink for milk preparation with the hot water dispenser – one that’s really very handy as you don’t need to bring thermos around when going to malls.


Because of the presence of other people, I couldn’t take a photo inside the nursing room so I’m showing a photo of the door to the nursing room. 🙂


Nor could I take a photo of the couches and ottomans we’re lounging on so I’m sharing the vending machine in the lounge area


There’s a feeding room for toddlers too that’s equipped with a microwave for the parents’ convenience.



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