baby food: steamed tofu and hard-boiled egg yolk

I’ve loved this soft, silky tofu ever since Okasan sent us a box for the first time some two years ago.


Tofu is one of the suggested baby first foods for 5~6 months that was listed in the guide book/brochures that I got from the ward office. But I delayed on giving Yui one because I only have this Morinaga tofu in mind for Yui and I hadn’t bought one yet.

When we had our first orientation at the daycare last Sunday however, tofu was among those that we need to feed Yui before she goes to daycare – they’ll be feeding Yui this so it would be best if we observe for ourselves first if yui has any reactions to the food.

Thankfully, Okasan sent us two boxes last week. Talk about perfect timing.

So this morning for lunch (Yui’s first time for twice a day feeding!), I thought of giving Yui steamed tofu with hard-boiled egg yolk which she already had with her rice cereal for two dinners.


This Morinaga tofu can actually be eaten as is, without cooking. But I wanted to play it safe with Yui so I had it steamed.

Did the baby like it? Just look at that smile.


Thanks for the comment! :)

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