a bookworm? an author?

We had our first orientation in the daycare last Sunday. Because the instructions/discussion/materials were in Japanese and because Yui started to babble loudly, I went out the room so as not to disturb the other parents and hence joined the other babies with the teachers playing outside.

While chatting with a teacher, we let Yui play with a Lego piece and a ball. But Yui soon ditched these over a book. At home, Yui actually has more books than toys so I can understand how she’d be interested with the musical book she found.

What was more interesting however was how Yui portrayed her love for the book. I had her sitting on my lap while the teacher was holding the book for Yui to flip the pages on. Yui however was about to tear the page so I gently removed her hand from the page while her sensei lifted the book higher. Just right after I’ve let go of Yui’s hand however, she lifted her butt from my lap to stand and reach for the book. With no support whatsoever to help her stand. First time!

Happy Mom, proud Mom that Yui was able to stand on her own. I wonder when will she consistently do it. And I think I just might have a daughter who’s just as addicted with books as her Dad.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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