baby diaries: independent, a little more each day

Aside from singing to you, Mom’s other favourite, Baby, when putting you to sleep is that you hold Mom’s fingers tight with your chubby little fists – be it when you sleep in my arms or on your crib by Mom’s bedside.

Mom noticed something from the other day though. When I hold you in my arms for you to sleep, your hand looks for a blanket or cloth to hold on to. And when you go to sleep lying in your crib, you just simply touch Mommy’s hand, preferring to put your small hand on top of mine rather than holding a finger.

Mommy was making a mental note to include in the daycare questionnaire how you prefer to hold Mommy’s hand while sleeping, so that your nurse can do it for you while Mom is away. It seems there’s no need for me to inform now.

My heart twitches, a bit heartbroken you’re starting to be independent. But Mom and Dad are proud too how our little Moirraine is growing a little more independent each day.

Love you baby. Grow well.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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