shopping at Takashimaya babies section

Or make that window shopping actually. With most of the shops selling dresses and clothes at average of 10,000yen, with some even selling at 30,000yen (brands that I haven’t even heard of – not that I’m particularly aware of all the high end brands), visiting Takashimaya babies section is almost only like sightseeing. For clothes that can only be worn for six months at the most, we don’t think we would buy Yui clothes that costs as much as a Coach bag (in the outlet store).

One thing I do love in that mall is that they have one of the best baby lounges I’ve seen so far.

Very cute and clean diaper changing area.


Being the OC that I am, I always wipe the table on which I put Yui on for her diaper change. Yes, some moms look at me but I most definitely am not bothered with it. Seeing this protective sheet being provided made me smile really wide. Takashimaya share my OC-ness!

Now if only their price is a little bit more to my liking…

One thing I love even more is that unlike in other malls wherein their diaper dispensers has a lid that you have to open, Takashimaya’s is automatic – you just feed in the soiled diaper and the machine would automatically chew it in, wrapping the diaper in plastic.


Of course there’s the standard sink for milk preparation with the hot water dispenser – one that’s really very handy as you don’t need to bring thermos around when going to malls.


Because of the presence of other people, I couldn’t take a photo inside the nursing room so I’m showing a photo of the door to the nursing room. 🙂


Nor could I take a photo of the couches and ottomans we’re lounging on so I’m sharing the vending machine in the lounge area


There’s a feeding room for toddlers too that’s equipped with a microwave for the parents’ convenience.



Thanks for the comment! :)

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