baby diaries: nostalgia

Was washing a couple of days ago the small bottle you used when you were less than two months. Will be using it for your water after meals (of course with new nipple and cap). I’m amazed how small it was. And with it came the nostalgia. So many things have happened since then; how much you’ve grown since then albeit it’s been only six months!

Would probably feel the nostalgia from from now on, every now and then. But Mommy hopes that as you grow up, you’d share the nostalgia with me, with Mommy and Daddy. That we’d both happily look back the yesteryears, over wine, over a cup of tea or coffee or even simply on our couch in our future (hopefully) sunroom.

I pray you’d grow close to your parents, Yui; have a great bond with your Mom and Dad. And that there’ll never be angry words between us. Only love, respect, kindness and joy.

Grow well our beauty.

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  1. cryogenius
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 10:11:45

    Six months already? Are you SURE?? It hardly seems possible….


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