do you still sterilise your baby’s milk bottle?

Even when I already knew what to do in sterilising milk bottles (I after all had been using Pigeon bottles already), when I bought another brand of bottles (Yui still preferred Pigeon bottles. But I digress), I read their instructions on how to sterilise bottles. It said to sterilise the bottle when using the first time. And then wash with soap and warm water on subsequent use. No sterilisation needed. I ignored this since after all, they sell some steriliser products. And I couldn’t wave away what I’ve been used to doing.

Then my bestfriend in the US mentioned how pediatricians in the US advise the very thing that I read in the bottle washing instructions. She still sterilise anyway. It’s already an engrained practice. Hard to convince yourself otherwise.

And then I read this article in Parents Magazine which tells about the most outdated pieces of baby advice. Yes, bottle sterilising is on the list.


We’d save on water and gas surely, if we follow this since the water I wash the bottle with is already warm. But I still am not sure if I can force myself to follow this. Will surely ask Yui’s paediatrician the next time we go for our well-baby appointment to hear about the latest on the Japanese paediatrics.
Asked our paediatrician about Japanese paediatrics’ take on bottle sterilisation in Yui’s recent 6~7 months old well-baby check and they basically concur with that of American paediatrics. As long as bottle is well-scrubbed with nary a spot of milk curd in it, it’s fine not to sterilise the milk bottle. He reminded me as well that of course, you have to make sure that your hands are clean when cleaning the bottles and when preparing milk.
Our warm tap water is set at 39deg C. Coupled with our paediatrician’s advise, using this temperature when washing the bottles, I’m somehow more comfortable with the thought of not sterilising the milk bottles anymore.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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