baby diaries: love and kisses

When I kiss you good night starting from your forehead, you lift your neck up to lift your mouth, as if telling me to hurry and kiss you goodnight in the lips. And when I do so and kissed both your cheeks too, you look at me like you’re very much in love with Mom.

Or it could be that you raise your lips so you could kiss Mom. Any which way my heart soars.

You do that too even in public. Last Sunday, we had a family day and hung out somewhere. When we were in a coffee shop (mainly to feed you) and I took you from Dad after I got back from the toilet, you looked at me with beaming eyes with a smile on your lips, yes, like you were so in love with me.

Thank you Moirraine. Grow up well and don’t break Mom’s and Dad’s hearts. Please?

Thanks for the comment! :)

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