Pigeon’s Mag Mag Spout cup

Our baby girl already tends to hold her bottle when drinking milk. Hence I thought it’s time for her to try out sippy cups with the handles. If truth be told, i’m excited to use the (very cute) sippy cups she has which were given by her Ninang and friends. But she’s still too young for them; milk would probably be all over.

Fortunately, Pigeon has a no-spill sippy cup spout designed for 5 month-old babies. Pigeon actually have this series of Mag Mag cups (cute cups with handles) which is designed to cater to the changing drinking pattern of babies as they grow – from teat top (from 3 months), to spout top (from 5 months), to training cup top (from 8 months) and straw top (from 8 months). You just simply change the top as your baby grows.


The spout base is hard but the spout itself is soft that can help provide some teething relief. The crosshairs cut on the spout ensures milk won’t be spilled.


Moirraine used it for the first time this evening. I only prepared 80ml so that there’ll be less milk that’ll spoil if in case Moirraine doesn’t like her new cup – she’s choosy with her bottles. So far, she only liked Pigeon among the four brands I’ve used. Verdict? Moirraine cried when the 80ml was finished. She wanted more. Yey!

Thanks for the comment! :)

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