a social butterfly?

Moirraine and I were waiting for the lift in the mall last week when a fellow shopper – one who’s probably already a grandmother – edged closer to us, talked to me about my baby and cooed to Moirraine. Within a few seconds, Moirraine was already all smiles at her and was even gurgling.

During our vacation in the last holidays, we visited hubs’ cousin who also had a baby just a month before we had Moirraine. Thinking that a baby would be curious to see another baby, I moved closer to the cousin’s baby (held by the mom) with Moirraine in my arms and tried to introduce the two. Moirraine was all attention and was staring intently at the other baby. The other baby however, turned her head from side to side, trying to avoid Moirraine’s intent gaze. When at last she couldn’t take the staring anymore she finally cried. Moirraine kept on looking with rapt, wide-eyed attention.

Me-an visited us last Monday (oh yeah by the way, it was such a treat last Monday to watch the heavy snow fall on already-heavy-with-snow trees while we’re all having lunch) and thankfully Moirraine kept to her schedule, awake and sleeping in her usual times, despite having a visitor. She hasn’t showered Me-an her smiles though albeit she allowed Me-an to carry her.

I really do wonder albeit I’m almost convinced I do have a social butterfly for a baby. Happy mom me of course and hope this continues. 🙂

Thanks for the comment! :)

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