books for 2013

Welcomed 2012 with these books by my bedside. And so for the rest of the year, the books I was inclined on reading were leaning on fiction and fantasy (Games of Thrones, yeah!!!), with most of them being books intentionally made for children.

This year, I’m still reading books for children – but that of very young ones ie babies! Teehee. Will try to post about Moirraine’s books which to date, already numbers 17. And oh, Moirraine is still 4 months, yes.

As for my own selection, aside from the “What to Expect the First Year”, these books are also by my bedside.



All the serious stuff is offset by the baby books. And this (!!), which both baby and Mom loves.


Oh how attentive baby is when I read to her a story from this book! And the Mom finds it ver~y interesting. I bought only the first volume albeit I’d probably hit the bookstore soon for the other volumes.

And this one’s by the bedside as well. I’ve just enrolled in a class yesterday. Goodluck to me!


Thanks for the comment! :)

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