that first laughter

Moira was all ready to cap her day after having had her warm bath and her milk. I then sang her a lullaby with her still in my arms after her milk. But I had to stop my singing and have to coo because I heard her talk. And she was then talking some more – in a singsong tone which suspiciously sounds like she was singing. Mommy indeed was grinning from ear to ear.

Then I laid her down on her bed and continued to sing a lullaby. But yet again I had to stop so as to return back her smile. My smiling back egged her on and made her smile go wider and wider until it became a full fledged laughter that went on for quite a long while. Her first real laughter with her looking at us; she has been laughing ever since she was five weeks old but it was while she’s sleeping.

Mommy had tears of joy in her eyes and grinning ear to ear whilst daddy was laughing as well; their grip on each other’s hand real tight. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside I almost forgot it’s winter now.

Thank you Lord for a happy baby. 🙂

Thanks for the comment! :)

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