Such a sweet kid!


Early this morning there was a rustle in the bed. I glanced toward the bedroom to see a little pajama foot dangling off of the side.

Little Eli groaned and grunted as he stretched. His arms hands reached as far as his arms would allow. His toes danced as his body began to wake up.

I ran my hand through his messy curls and tried to tame the sprout of hair that stuck straight up.

He smiled at me sleepily.

“Hi, my mama.”

“Hi, my baby.”

“Mama. You’s a cupcake ‘dis morning.”

“Oh okay…wait. What?”

“You’s a pretty cupcake.”

I laughed and pointed to my hair wrapped in a towel.

“He nodded. Yups. You’s look yummy and pwretty. You’s my favorites cupcake.”

There you have it, friends. I am his favorite cupcake and am officially on cloud nine.

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