Last working day for the year

It’s my last working day in the office before I take my maternity leave / baby care leave. I shall miss work. It’ll be hopefully middle of spring next year already when I go back to work. I shall terribly miss my teammates in the project too (especially those that I have worked closely with) and I’m happy to know that they’d be missing me in the same way. Being part of this mega $17B project wasn’t just technically enriching. It also blessed me with great relationships along the way albeit it has been a looong journey of valleys and hills.

Here’s (a representative of) me and hubs commemorating my last day at work for the year. And we say THIS IS THE BEST GINGER ALE EVER!!!


Earlier, when I was still packing my stuff in a box, Jon bought me and Me-an this super delicious Greek yogurt. I haven’t eaten yogurt for the longest time already because I got saturated with it already after consuming tons during my first trimester. But this one’s different, with no sour aftertaste and would still be good even without the honey, we think. It’s more expensive than your usual yogurt at 189 yen, where usual yogurts are only at 105 yen or so. Thanks to Jon, Me-an and I had a nice yogurt break right there on my desk; sharing good conversation over good yogurt.


And so from tomorrow, I’d be in full swing with the baby preps. Looking forward to see Otosan and sis-in-law as well!

I do wonder if the “blue moon” would have its effect on baby’s amniotic sac just like how the full moon affects the tide. Let’s see.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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