Mikoshi Festival

It’s August and hence the Mikoshi Festival season again. Here in our neighbourhood, the festival is this weekend. Since yesterday up to today, we’ve been hearing the beat of the drums and the people’s ho-huh-ho-huh as they walk around carrying a divine palanquin: a Mikoshi or a “mobile” Shinto shrine.

Men (and women) in action.


The priests at the head of the procession.


Photos above were taken last year. We didn’t get to watch this year since we went to the hospital yesterday for my regular checkup and afterwards went shopping for baby goods.

We did catch the ending part of the procession though.


Our house is very near a Shinto Shrine hence during the festivities, the way to our house is lighted with lanterns. Can’t explain why but I really find lighted lanterns magical and charming.


The lanterns are lighted all the way up the hill where the shrine is. (the car in the photo is parked on the second level)


Summer is still lingering (hubs and I call it the “revenge of summer”, a way of saying goodbye before it makes way for Autumn) and hence it was soooo hot yesterday. I can just imagine how tiresome and dehydrating it must have been for the participants. Back in 2007, a friend-colleague invited us to participate in the Mikoshi Festival. We suffered the heat. And yes, for a time, I also had to have my turn in carrying the Mikoshi. And honestly? I don’t want to do it again (blush). 😀 I’d say it takes dedication and also deep belief in what you’re doing for one to happily participate in it. Perhaps if it’s done during colder seasons, I might reconsider. Albeit it’s really similar to the processions we have back in the Philippines during Holy Week and other religious festivities. And when I was still living with my family (before moving to Manila to work), I did participate in those processions almost yearly. And if truth be told, I missed participating in it. It’s all rooted on faith I guess.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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