work, charms, baby bed

The scope of our department in the current project i’m involved in right now was initially set to be finished around September. The schedule could have been in perfect timing for my pregnancy leave. But we’re still swamped with work so our team’s involvement would probably stretch to December. Ergo I have to handover the handling of my unit to another colleague for him to take care of the remaining deliverables.

This same colleague was very thoughtful in that when he went back to his hometown over the long weekend last week, he bought me a charm from the most famous Shinto Shrine in his hometown in Fukuoka – Kushida Jinja 櫛田神社.


This is an omamori, specifically an anzan kigan no omamori 安産祈願のお守り. In English, a charm for safe delivery (anzan = safe delivery, kigan = wish, omamori = charm and no in this case means of. The sentence structure is very different, yes).

I’m a Catholic and Hubs a Christian. We don’t lean on Shintoism at all. But if one wishes you the best in his/her religion, isn’t it heart-warming? 🙂

So now I’m carrying the charm around in my bag.

He gave it yesterday by the way. I had to confirm with Hubs the name of the jinja haha.

Then last night, one of our purchases from last weekend’s shopping was delivered.


Thank you Otosan! 🙂

This will be how it’ll look, sans the futon and beddings.


I hope I can make baby’s bed prettier than the one above. 🙂

Thanks for the comment! :)

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