Brasserie La Classe

This restaurant is the most recently opened one in Landmark Tower.


Wanting some variety, I tried this resto several weeks ago, not having any idea what kind of resto it is. Upon sitting down however, I realised that it’s a fine dining restaurant. With a set dinner price that’s fit only for special occasions. Since I was already seated, I decided to just give it a try. Problem at that time was that I wasn’t really hungry. And looking at the set course already made me feel full and feeling some heartburn.

Thankfully, they have a selection of omelettes and soups as well so I ordered those ala carte. The amount was just perfect for my appetite at that time.

The following week, I was back at the resto. In the same exact table that I sat at the week before. During the second visit, I tried their Quiche de la saison (spinach and salmon quiche) and their soup for the day which usually is a healthy thick soup of something nutritious (my favourite so far is broccoli soup).

The soup above is red bean soup.

With the salmon, spinach, fresh greens and healthy soup, it’s definitely a great meal for preggers. And it’s so filling at that!

And so since then I’ve been to the restaurant every week, once a week; always at the same table, ordering the same set. Everyone from the crew gives me a smile already and greets me warmly whenever I enter. The maitre d’ also always makes it a point to drop by my table and thank me profusely, with elegant bows and a big smile, for coming again. And even when I just order water (I gag now just thinking about orange juice and apple juice – I think I’ve had too much already) together with my set, they still set my table and treat me as if I’ve ordered the most expensive course they have along with the finest champagne in the house.

Truly exemplary Japanese customer service through and through.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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