Blancheur nail salon

I can’t reach my feet anymore. Hence, even when it costs TEN TIMES it would in the Philippines, I had to have my toenails done in a nail salon here. And mind you, that’s just basic pedi, no scrub nor spa nor paraffin wax.

Anyways, we settled with Blancheur nail salon in Motomachi. Thankfully, their salon has good ventilation and doesn’t smell of nail polish at all hence pretty safe for preggers.

They’ve quite a number of nail color selection and I’m really quite happy with the color I chose as it blended well with my feet color.


What was amazing with this salon though was that the woman who did my nails has incredibly made-up nails. Yet despite her very long nails, she did an excellent job on my toenails.


Sugoi desu yo?


Thanks for the comment! :)

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