baby dreams

Dreamt about you again baby. This time, I dreamt that I already gave birth to you. But it’s a bit weird because you popped out of a luggage! It looked like the gray luggage that JAL gave to me in exchange for my pink luggage that got broken during the flight.

I didn’t feel any pain at all while giving birth. After all, you popped out of a luggage. You were still connected to me through the umbilical cord and my tummy is still big as it is. And you were big! As big as a one year old and already very hyper and was smiling a lot, showing off your dimples on both sides of your cheeks.

But you were a boy then, looking so much like your Dad but with much thicker eyebrows. You were so cute! Yet even as I cuddle you, my tummy is still big.

Funny desu yo? 🙂


Thanks for the comment! :)

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