Miyako and sleeptalking

Since he was out early, of course Hubs dropped by the bookstore. He bought this Baby Names book together with a pregnancy and baby magazine alongside his other books.


After dinner, while I was munching the cake he bought for me last night, we were sorting out possible names for Baby.

Hence it was quite understandable why just a couple minutes ago, Hubs has been saying “Miyako, Miyako, Miyako, hello Miyako” (it was one of the names earlier which I rejected).

Playing along, I answered my sleeptalking husband no. But he said Miyako again and again. So I told him my reason why I don’t like it – yes, he is still asleep. But he heard my reason and answered “ah, really?”.

And then he fell silent after that.

Hehe. I think Hubs would be terribly embarrassed when he reads this tomorrow. Hehehe.

battling pregnancy fatigue

I was again extremely fatigued today. Even before I reached the train station this morning, fatigue has been weighing me down already. It’s the same kind of fatigue I felt back in the first trimester and also a couple or so weeks back before I started taking iron supplement. But I was already out so I trudged on, and just walked and moved about in the office as slow as I can.

Hence I was really thankful that hubs was able to be home early this evening (he had to renew his driver’s license) and cook pregnancy super food.

Grilled salmon! For the omega 3 fatty acids and DHA.


Sautรฉed spinach and mushroom. Spinach for iron, vitamin Bs and the ever important folic acid. Mushroom for additional loads of vitamin Bs, C and D.


When I arrived (fatigued but I still worked overtime), the table was already set for dinner, complete with Mexican mangoes for dessert and Yakult.

Thank you Hubs. You are really a treasure.

Now I’m a bit revived. I’m hoping this fatigue would be totally gone by tomorrow morning. The problem though is that sleep is still evading me. Sleep, do come now. I have an important meeting with Client tomorrow.

Diaclasse Air stroller, why so constant?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve finally found the best stroller for baby at Akachan Honpo.


But it’s at a whopping ยฅ63,000.

Thinking that buying it directly from the Combi page would be cheaper, I checked their brochure. But alas, it’s still the same price.


Yet again thinking that it’ll be cheaper in Rakuten, Amazon’s Japanese rival in Internet retail, I checked out the price. And yet again exactly the same price.


Diaclasse Air XZ-600, why so constant??

Irish doll

After nine months, I’ve a new addition to my collection. A porcelain Irish doll! ๐Ÿ™‚ and it’s a gift/omiyage this time; from a good friend who went for vacation to Ireland recently.


Freckled green-eyed redhead maiden.


Thank you Maha! ๐Ÿ™‚

nursery cabinet

Storage cabinets, this time. These designs, both Hubs and I concur. ๐Ÿ˜€

These are just so cute! From Rakuten’s global page.




These are made of polypropylene though so I have slight hesitations on it. I prefer wooden furnitures over plastic ones.

Then we saw this. It’s quite pricey but I think it’ll be worth the money. Love the engraved Mickey head. You can choose the handle color. Asked Hubs which he prefer – red or pink, he chose pink ๐Ÿ˜€


And here’s a “wishlist”. Hope I’d be able to decorate a room like this for baby. Again, it’s “wishlist” as it might not be possible. ๐Ÿ˜€ (from Amazon.com)


cradle – swing

Saw cradles in Lalaport last weekend so we somehow have some idea already on the price range. Online shopping though, is still cheaper. Amazon has the swing varieties to boot.





From Rakuten’s global page. It’s for the Japanese household so more compact style.



With all the choices, I do hope we get to buy the best for baby, at a reasonable price of course.

diaper bags

Just like during wedding preps, I’ve decided to post here pegs for baby stuff that we like, for our (very near future) reference when we actually buy already. And yes, we probably really need to buy within the next month or so.

Diaper bags!
all photos were from Amazon.com where we probably are going to make our purchase for these bags since so far I haven’t seen a diaper bag that I like in the malls. Saw one before in Greenbelt in Manila but alas we didn’t buy it – a reminder to really buy what you wanted to buy when overseas)

I love this Coach messenger diaper bag. But it’s pink so Hubs may have slight hesitations in carrying it. ๐Ÿ˜€


This Timi and Leslie tag-a-long Farah bag is pretty as well! And it’s blue so Hubs won’t have hesitations in carrying it. It has lots of compartments too for baby’s needs.



But this JJ Cole diaper bag is both our favorite so far. And it has the color/theme that I’ve been planning for baby.




Think. Think.

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