Godiva chocolates

As a treat to myself for having no sugar and protein on my urine and having normal blood pressure and no edema (so thankful for this!), I bought myself a Godiva chocolixer.


Hubs consumed half of it though haha. I don’t mind, at least I won’t be so guilty after, considering its sugar content.

Whilst waiting for my drink to be prepared though, I salivated at one of their chocolate displays and hence bought one. My drink was at 580yen. but this 2-inch ball is sold at 399yen a piece. By far the most expensive chocolate I bought so far. Even more expensive than the Demel chocolates we’ve had, which was a favorite by the uber filthy rich Habsburg monarchy.


One could argue a big percentage of the price goes to the expensive-looking packaging.


They even included an ice pack in the package to keep the chocolate cold while we go about.


When we’ve tasted it though, truly, it was worth the price.


A happy pregger. 🙂

Thanks for the comment! :)

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