Married life

Respect for Privacy
It’s important for couples to not have secrets from each other. To be open and honest with each other. Yet it is important as well to give one another some space for growth and privacy.
For us, respect for privacy is when you share an iPad where both your emails are registered and your spouse could read your emails and vice versa. Yet neither one touches the other’s inbox, much less read what’s inside. It speaks a lot I guess, on how we trust each other. Thankful.

When do you love me most?
I read once that when a guy says a woman she’s beautiful, first thing in the morning, when she’s just woken up, devoid of any makeup and with disheveled hair at that, that’s true love.
Hubs made yet again one of my dreams come true when he said it so one evening. And it dawned on me why I get warm bear hugs from him in the mornings and how he looks at me funny, like he’s swooning. 😀

Thanks for the comment! :)

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