annular solar eclipse 2012

People in the office have been talking about this once-in-a-millenium-event since last week. Hubs and I were of course anticipating it as well – for uhm, some mushy idea that I have (you know, walking hand in hand under a perfect ring in the sky….yeah. I shouldn’t have mentioned it).

But alas, my insomnia was at its worst last night, making me sleep at 4am and so I only woke up at 7:30, just right when the apparently smaller diameter moon was perfectly blocking the sun, creating the ring. When hubs brought me outside (having had woken up earlier he of course witnessed the ring), I was only able to witness the half moon vision. And when I got inside to get my camera again (iPhone was no good), the cloud was already blocking even the half moon vision.

Some friends and colleagues were lucky like hubs though. This photo taken by our friend Russell Olaguer is surely amazing.


Truly a Ring of Fire.

Hubs told me of a song popularized in 1990 by the Japanese band, Dreams Come True. It tells of this year’s annular solar eclipse.

Can you give me the ring? Only one. I will wait for you up to solar eclipse in 2012.

Please don’t forget. Yes, it’s the ring of the sun.

If you are close to me, I am so happy that I cry

Sigh. Isn’t it romantic? 🙂

By the way, Russell was also the one who took our early autumn prenup . Look for more of his amazing photos in his Flickr account or subscribe to him in Facebook.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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