healthy goodness tetra pak

Now THIS must be the healthiest tetra pak drink I’ve ever had.



Look at the vitamins and minerals it contain! Vitamin C alone is 1000mg! And look at its folic acid content (the top one on the right column)! A woman trying to conceive is advised to take 400mcg daily and 600mcg once pregnant albeit I also read taking 400mcg still once pregnant. But this 200ml drink alone can contain 200~600mcg not to mention all the other vitamins and minerals enumerated!

As for the price, sold at 105yen in the convenience store, it is sold just like any of the other (comparatively less nutritious) drinks on the shelf.

No wonder maternity clinics and hospitals here doesn’t give away vitamins for preggers. Enough nutrition is available just off the shelf.


Thanks for the comment! :)

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