milkfish (bangus)!!

I’ve been craving for one soon after my pregnancy started. There were times I wanted bangus so badly the idea of going to Philippines just to eat the food I want to eat has been floating in my head.

We finally caved in and bought a pack of marinated bangus in the Asian store, disregarding our earlier hesitations that it’d be packed with preservatives. Checked the packaging and there wasn’t any – only vinegar, garlic and salt. There were also similar packaged bangus I saw before in malls in Manila. So we bought it.

And it was as good as I have fantasized it to be. Yes, “fantasize” is the word.


In between “oishis”, hubs peppered me with questions such as where does milkfish thrived and if it’s only in the Philippines. From what I know, milkfish is abundant in the Pacific area but that milkfish is farmed in many fish farms in the Philippines. And oh yeah, milkfish is the Philippines’ national fish (pambansang isda) haha.

So good. I think we’d buy another pack soon.


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  1. leadeleon
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 20:31:03

    Hi Marj! Nakakagutom itong post mo about bangus. I love bangus as well (because it’s the only fish I’m most familiar with, next to fish dory hehe) and I like it fried, with garlic and egg (yummy!). One thing though, I don’t like the belly part (and that’s what most people like!). So everytime I eat bangus at the office my officemates will rush to the seat beside because I now I will be giving away that precious belly hehe.


    • atsushiandmarjorie
      Mar 28, 2012 @ 22:20:24

      Ooohhh. Sayang naman! Makikiagaw din ako nung black part Kung sakali. Sarap kaya! Hehe Although I can understand kasi back when in was in elementary and high school, I’d leave that black part out and give it to may parents. 🙂 ever since I took the courage to taste it, ayun na favorite na 🙂


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