freeze-dried miso soup

Was nursing a very bad sore throat ever since Saturday. Last night however, the coughing got nasty. And for every cough i’d double up because my belly would hurt as well. Felt like some nerves went taut inside my belly and it was just so painful. Of course this got me worried for baby.

The cough and the pain went on till morning prompting me to decide to take the day off, following the doctor’s advise to just lie in bed whenever my belly hurts.

Hubs bought me bottled water and oranges and some bacon for the fried rice I had in mind. He was really a dear – he had to go out once and then come back before heading back out again for office. Thankfully it was still early.

Had the fried rice for lunch. But we haven’t thought about dinner. Thankfully we still have eggs so I noshed on two hard-boiled eggs; which are actually my favourite recently.

One other thing I was thankful for. Last weekend, Atsushi’s family sent us a package of good-quality Japanese food: nori which were in cans and not just in plastic, tofu which are boxed like milk which was just soooo good, and freeze-dried miso.



Just add a bit if water. Tadaan! Perfect complement for my eggs.


Being pregnant and conscious of food intake as I am, I had to research a bit on freeze drying. Thankfully, no preservatives involved. Read here for some interesting very short read.
I checked the salt content and considering all my food intake today, I was surprised I still didn’t make the minimum required of 1500mg (US standard).

Will share the delicious tofu we received, next time.


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