It really took me by surprise when I saw my calendar and realized that it’s only Tuesday. What?!! Been very busy and occupied lately it felt like it’s Thursday already. At work, I was very occupied at work preparing for the HAZOP – that meeting of “experts”, to quote our Chairperson. I’m still far from being one and I really still have tons to learn but hey, we all start from somewhere, right? Hopefully, tomorrow’s the last day for my scope of work. Well, except for another HAZOP that would be due in a month probably. And just like any normal HAZOP teams, ours was a United Nations of some sort as well – Australian, British, Indian, Japanese, Latino, American, Filipino (previously there was a French guy) in one team. I’d like to say as well that our team is star-studded. We have Liam Neeson, Rupert Grint, Adam Sandler, Kevin Bacon, Tamaki Hiroshi and Steve Martin-look alikes. Now that’s rare in one HAZOP team. No matter how “star-studded” it is though, I hope it’ll be over soon. Smoothly. Please. Being on the defensive while the rest of the ten experts on the team are on the offensive can be quite tough you know!

In the home front, we’ve also been occupied with something pretty exciting in that our laundry has been piling up! Miss at least 4 days of laundry in Winter and you’re sure to have difficulty catching up with the laundry.

Anyways, was just dropping by! 🙂

Thanks for the comment! :)

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