The 1st week of Advent and a Happy New Year

I feel so guilty not being able to attend one of the most anticipated Sundays in the Church’s calendar. The 1st week of Advent, which marks the first of the four weeks of waiting for Jesus’ birthday. In the Church’s calendar, today is like the New Year and hence a time of looking forward to the new year’s blessings and joys as well as being thankful to the year that was.

And with a smile, I was thankful that unconsciously, we were also doing our recollections and our share of thanksgiving. We are now cooking something that enabled us to reminisce on how our story started and how it unfolded. Listening to Hubs share how he felt buoys me up and made me really thankful how God has been good to us to have had enabled us to spend our lives together.

And so with joy, love and hope, we look forward happily to the future God has planned for Atsushi and me. I am excited! Because I believe it is gonna be great. We claim it Lord! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!


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