book review: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

It’s 3:40am and I’ve just finished the book. It’s a bit unnerving to find 6 book leaves at the back of the book, totally blank; 12 pages of nothingness after having had read that last part of Never Let Me Go that was so profound you’d find yourself reeling in your emotions. It must be a printing mistake, those additional 12 blank pages, but it suited the book just fine. It’s like you need those blank pages to write your thoughts and emotions on.

There’s a big disparity on how I treated this book from the first to the last page. At the start, I find myself getting bored and it was all I can do to will myself to go on reading; oftentimes telling myself that this book hasn’t received all those acclaim for no reason. And I’m glad I persevered. By the time I got to the middle of the book, it was so hard to put the book down in that I find myself trying to squeeze in a few more lines from the book within the last minute during lunch breaks.

One thing I’m thankful I didn’t do before reading this book: to read any synopsis/reviews that may allude to what the story is all about and who Kathy really is. Just go and read it and be surprised and be taken. And be haunted. And be brokenhearted.



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