Along with probably all bloggers in the whole wide world, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to pin down something on our blog on this very unique day.

We haven’t got anything special planned today actually. I’m even now alone in Starbucks waiting for Hubs as he had a project party with their multi-national clients. It has been a good day at the office as well, for my part. Even my allergic rhinitis didn’t act up for the first time in two weeks! Not a sniffle at all.

But even so, I don’t consider this day as a day of “doing” or sort of “reaping” and celebrating. Rather, I consider this a day of planting, with heart filled with joy and hope as I did the “planting”.

Had the idea of planting earlier when I paused from frowning at the HYSYS simulation in front of me and accidentally looked at my laptop clock and a smile lit up my face as I saw it was exactly at 11:11. Perfect time for planting indeed!

Happy. Hopeful. Full of eager anticipation. Thankful.


Thanks for the comment! :)

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