We have a project party tomorrow and I wanted to bail out of it. Partly because I want to walk home together with hubs. And equally because I have singaw. And it hurts like crazy so much so that I haven’t eaten properly the last two days and I haven’t been talking too much neither. So imagine going to a party where there’s lots of eating and talking to happen. Torture.

Singaw is the Filipino term for those blisters inside your mouth or tongue. Bisaya call it kainit.

Earlier in the evening, when I still didn’t know what is the English term for singaw, I was telling hubs that I’d tell my boss my reason on not joining the party by sticking out my tongue and showing him the blister. Hubby doubled over and went red laughing. I just love making him laugh.

As I looked over the Internet though on the English for singaw, I found THIS article. It was my turn to double over with laughter.

With THAT article though, I learned that the official English term is cold sore or canker sore. Or better yet I’ll just say kounaien which is the Japanese term for this bothersome affliction.

Just came across THIS article. And am thankful we live in Japan. They do have a medicine for it. Hurray!

Am still not decided though whether to go to the party. Oh singaw, please be away.


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  1. aleng
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 02:52:25

    hi Marj! I hope you’ll feel better soon. I myself is very prone to singaw or canker sore in Manila. Thankfully when we moved here, I find myself getting not as frequent as before.


    • atsushiandmarjorie
      Oct 20, 2011 @ 06:45:40

      Hi Aleng! 🙂 thanks! Oh, lucky you! I was beginning to think this is because it’s getting colder now but after what you said, and knowing it’s definitely colder there in US now than in Manila, maybe cold season is not the reason. Ugh, even smiling is painful. Haha. Oh, I wanted to comment twice before in your blog but I’ve been using mobile device only recently ( and I still haven’t gotten a grip on some of it’s tricks hehe) and both times I couldn’t get past the word verification part kasi my mobiles can’t recognize it. 😦 I wanted to tell you about it (just in case some of your other readers experience it) over at leah’s blog but I wasn’t sure if you can come visit the thread again. So am thankful you commented here and hope you get to read this. 😉


  2. leadeleon
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 20:59:27

    Hay, kahet ako I’m prone to canker sores. I already asked our office dentist about this and he said I must be brushing my teeth too hard natatamaan ko yung gums ko (the singaws are mostly in or near the gums k’se). I’ve tried ointments for these (Daktarin is one) but most of them did not work. So every time I have these pesky sores I request our office dentist to put some drops of high concentrated iodine on the exact spot of the sores, and bilis gumaling. Masakit nga lang sa unang patak hehe! But after a few seconds that wala na. I’ll gargle with water and rock salt after the treatment and then normal na kain ko hehe (at nakakangiti na ako hihi!).


    • atsushiandmarjorie
      Oct 25, 2011 @ 21:27:08

      Saline solution pala ang solution! I had to buy an expensive medicine pa just for it and yet endure for 4 days! (Meds were at 800php). And iodine! Thanks for the tip! Will keep it in mind next time. The canker sores I had last week was the worst I had ever though.


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