Watanabe-san and our new umbrella stand

We’ve been forever thinking of buying an umbrella stand. Finally bought one earlier at our neighborhood furniture shop, Watanabe Furniture. Only at 1980yen.


Watanabe Furniture is our friendly neighborhood furniture shop that sells affordable made-to-order furnitures. You can also buy their displays at cheaper cost than the made-to-order one.

We bought most of our furnitures there last March and May in that we’re already somewhat friends with the kind gentleman owner. And he was pretty generous with his discounts to us! Our bed frames were originally at almost 50k but we ended up paying only around 20k yen. We were so baffled at how can this be possible yet we don’t want to be so rude as to refuse Watanabe-san’s generosity. Hence we can only but thank him profusely.

It’s been a while since we were in the shop hence we exchanged “o genki desu kas” earlier when we made our purchase. And with a big smile, he gave us this whilst saying “omiyage” which means “pasalubong” in Filipino. Once again, Watanabe-san had been generous to us.


It was only at home though when we noticed what it was made of and where it came from. It was a capiz-made trinket from Philippines.


No wonder he had such a big smile when he gave it to us. Too bad we didn’t notice it when we were still in his shop. We could have had talked about his trip to Philippines (he knows I’m from Philippines). Anyways, we can talk about it next time we drop by his store. Thank you Watanabe-san! 🙂

Thanks for the comment! :)

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