home interior inspiration board – World Porters edition

We’re currently lounging under this incredibly blue early autumn sky, the landmark towering over us and the wind ruffling our hair. There’s a couple of unknown nationality near us, making out, in plain sight; enjoying just as everyone else is enjoying this perfectly great weather.


We just scoured the 4th floor of the World Porters, still visible from the hill we’re currently on, sipping our coffee, sitting on the grass.


The wife and homemaker part of me got excited as we looked around the whole floor, concocting up home furnishing preferences as we go.

I realize though that I have to at least get started with an inspiration board or at least a collection of a motley of the designs that I liked so that later on, I/we can decide on the final theme of our home. Because currently, there doesn’t seem to be a theme that’s trending when it comes to my preference on home furnishing. Some days I like it rustic. Some days I like it Asian. Some days I like it elegant. Some days I like it modern art deco.

So it’s best to gather them all first and then decide later on when it’s time to decide.

Clocks. I love these quirky ones.




Loved this corner set.


But Hubs says it’s too big for the two of us, for now. This one though is just perfect for the tatami room, for the two of us.


I’m not one for elaborate crystal chandeliers. I prefer these.









So liked this pretty throw pillow.


As well as this dainty bed cover.


Wall hooks.



These fashionable pots caught hubby’s eye of course.


And and! I just love this center table.



All of these inside a house with bricks of these shades.


Utopia? We dearly hope not.

And oh let’s not forget the carpets.



Fell in love the first time I saw the second carpet above in that I was ecstatic when there was a smaller version of it, on sale at 1980yen! Just perfect by our front door.


Made another purchase as well, in Village Vanguard, located on the 3rd floor. Garbage are collected here on Japan on a certain schedule. For our area, burnables and perishables are on Monday and Friday, PET bottles and glass on Tuesday, etc etc (yes, segregation is the word). Hence we need to store the perishable garbage in a closed compartment to keep the stink from contaminating the house. Problem is, your perishables garbage bin (yes, because of segregation you end up having a number of bins) would be forever stinky and you have to wash it every now and then. But it’s difficult for me to do that. When I saw this, my problem was solved. It has a cover and yet your garbage goes directly to the garbage bag hence there’s no container that’s forever stinky.



Can’t wait to set these up when we get home!!! But first, badminton. 🙂

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  1. leadeleon
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 21:46:56

    I am loving the round mirror with mosaic tiles as borders. =)


Thanks for the comment! :)

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