flying Emirates

It’s our first time to fly Emirates and indeed it was a good experience.

Their good entertainment selection (with a hundred movies or so, alone) tested my EQ – I had to get as much sleep as I can so I can be ready for our hectic-scheduled sightseeing.


Thankfully though, they had their aircraft done in such a way that it’s very conducive for sleeping. Can’t identify a constellation at all though.


The long-haul flight I had before was with Cathay Pacific economy and our “amenities” were given in a cheap-looking pouch with toothbrush that has threads which can be stuck in between your teeth. No eye mask at all. Albeit Hubs’ long-haul flights with Cathay Pacific had him bringing home Agnes B. cosmetic pouch (sosyal! Business class kasi). For Emirates’ economy though, I’m fully satisfied with the quality of what they gave us.


The pouch came in very handy. We used it as our coin purse during our trip – one for euro and the other for czech crowns.



Our travel agent informed the airline they have honeymooners on board hence we were given a cake and a memorabilia with our onboard photo in it. Nice!



Sadly though, we weren’t able to eat our cake. We are truly thankful with this thoughtfulness especially the photo. But a word of advice to Emirates: maybe it’s best to give the honeymooners some travel sets or even the plush toys you give around to the kids on board (I sooo wanted one!) rather than cakes. Our cake was given to us around a couple of hours before touchdown, with a 14-hour flight, and after a full meal at that so naturally, we weren’t able to eat it on board. We carted it around with us but we were still due to fly to Vienna and right after arrival, we headed out for the Opera hence the cake was left untouched until we had to throw it away. Mottainai, sayang.

Speaking of meals though, meals on board The Emirates were among the most tasteful we’ve had among the flight meals we’ve had.


Atsushi, fully refreshed after a 14-hour flight and sleep.


The honeymooners, about to disembark.


Because we’re flying Emirates, of course we had to have a stopover in the airlines’ home country. Dubai’s Terminal 3 is one big looong hallway with futuristic design and palm trees that’s reminiscent of the desert. It was quite impressive albeit since the design is like that of a hallway and not circular as it is in Hongkong International Airport (which both Hubs and I consider as our favorite airport so far), it can be quite crowded in some areas, with some jostling besides.





We had coffee at Paul’s where almost all crew members were Filipinos.


We had to wait for 5 hours for our next flight to Vienna hence it was good chance for us to try as well the local delicacy. Had whole wheat squagel. It tasted really healthy and good albeit it would have had tasted better had it had a bit more salt.


Time to board the plane for Vienna! 🙂



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leah
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 07:55:29

    Sayang nga yung cake! Mukhang masarap pa naman haha!


  2. leadeleon
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 21:16:33

    Naku, speaking of ice cream cakes, check my blog to see my favorite gelato ice cream ever hehe!


  3. Micah
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 23:25:24

    I agree super eye-candy ang cake. They didn’t tell you it was an ice cream cake? Sayang naman talaga.


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