Marlowe Pudding

Learned of this pudding’s existence through Okasan. As It’ll be a good omiyage/pasalubong idea, I headed out to the ground floor of Sogo in Yokohama which is actually a haven for pastries and other pasalubong/omiyage ideas.

The place was practically teeming with stalls selling different kinds of cakes, jams, puddings, sweets, bentos, preserved side dishes, und so weiter. But it was only Marlowe’s pudding that has a long queue. The almost empty glass display attests to it’s popularity I think.


When it was my turn, there was only one maccha left. Bought the maccha for us to taste and had the vanilla flavor in hello kitty mug as omiyage.



The pudding comes in a Pyrex glass which probably contributes to why it is sold at a costly ¥750 per glass. It reminds me of glass beakers though back in University laboratory. Good memories!


But oohhhhh I just absolutely love the front design! It features Mt Fuji, a torii, and a light tower which Hubs and I surmise must be the one in Kannonzaki (I’m yet to post our visit there this summer!).


And of course it comes with an instruction manual. You don’t have to know Nihon-go to be able to follow it. Tee-hee.


We were good in following instructions i think. 🙂


It’s made out of fresh milk from Hokkaido, eggs rich in Vitamin E, sugar, naturally made vanilla beans), with no additives and no gelatin. It came out as the number one pudding choice on a survey by Nikkei back in April 2010.

Sure enough, the taste lives up to its popularity. YUM!!!

Do visit – Marlowe Japan


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