Frûche is a soft and creamy traditional European style fromage frais that is really much less viscous than fromage frais which has the consistency of cream cheese. As one would surmise from the name, it does have real bits of fruits mixed in with the cream, reminding you of flavored yogurt that’s popular nowadays.

This dessert is much loved in that a ready-to-make one is available in any supermarket, convenience store (konbini) and even in some 100 yen stores. And it comes with many other flavors besides.

This 150g needs only to be mixed with 150ml of milk and with a few stirs, you already have your frûche that’s good for 2~3 persons.

When I showed husband I bought frûche for dessert, his eyes grew big and exclaimed how he loved it when he was a kid. He then went on sharing his childhood stories with frûche. Listening to him, I was thankful for giving in to my whim to buy this pack even when I initially had no idea what it was nor how to prepare it. Love.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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