It was unu~~~~sually cold today because of typhoon Ma On. Felt like early autumn or late spring. The weather was just perfect for – what else??!! – oden!!

I just love oden when it’s cold weather.

I’m not so fond of konnyaku (or konjac) – the black thingy in above photo. I find it weird, hard and yet slimy with undefinable taste. Hence, Hubby ate both konnyaku’s instead of us having a konnyaku each.

My favorite oden choices: tamago (egg), sausage with chikuwa ちくわ (sausage without chikuwa seems not available anymore) and tofu.

And of course, we didn’t waste the broth! I actually had a big smile on as I finished slurping the broth from the big bowl. Yum!


Thanks for the comment! :)

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