my Kanji flashcards

I just love it everytime the intercom buzzes and when I pick it up, the voice on the other line would say a cheery “takyoubin desu!” or “youbin desu!”. This means “package delivery!”, by the way, or something similar to that.

Got my beginner Kanji flashcards. Ordered online by hubby from Whiterabbitpress. Recommended by Apple, a friend I had through W@W; Apple will hopefully be taking her JLPT level N1 this December. Isn’t she just amazing?! I wonder when can I take the JLPT level 5 or 4 haha. Anyways, for now, I-am-so-excited for these!

Of course I opened my pink case first. ~sheepish grin~

And the lessons continue. 😀



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  1. Peke Penguin
    Jun 10, 2011 @ 06:46:56

    Wow … they have “white rabbit express” & “kuro neko express” in Japan.
    I hope they can make one for us Penguins too .. we’re kind of black AND white !


Thanks for the comment! :)

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